Is it True, UK Church of England Leadership?

 We read and hear of you considering the use of neuter-gender terminology towards the LORD God Almighty. If it is true and you proceed, you will demonstrate:

1. You have no fear of God.

2. You are under Satanic deception.

3. You have placed yourself under God’s curse.  Continue reading “Is it True, UK Church of England Leadership?”

Why the Need for 777 Books?

In recent days on social media, a Christian man with a prophetic gifting put out a suggestion regarding the Bible, “We don’t have the whole picture.” He made it clear he’s not coming against the Bible; but by way of an archeological finding, he said he believes there are, “more books coming.” He said he’s been told from a couple of sources there are, “711 books of the Bible that are missing.” Supposedly they’ve been found; so if added to the present 66 books, the Bible would comprise 777 books. In both Jewish and Christian traditions, the number 7 signifies “totality of perfection,” and “completeness.” One lady’s response to this information: “Oh, I see the Holy Ghost all over this.” Continue reading “Why the Need for 777 Books?”

56,000,000 People Die Annually; a Minimal Percentage Die in Christ

According to a World Death Clock on the Internet, approximately 56,000,000 people die annually. About 4,679,450 people die monthly, about 153,420 die daily and about 6,390 die hourly. “We’ve all gotta die sometime,” they say. “When your number’s up, that’s it!” True to the first statement, not true to the second one. And as it is appointed for men (people) to die once, but after this the judgment Hebrews 9:27. Everybody agrees death is unavoidable; the only exceptions to date being the Prophets Enoch and Elijah. But that’s not “it” for the rest; it is but the beginning. For those spiritually born-again in Jesus, death is not feared. For those not spiritually born-again in Jesus, death is everything to be feared. Continue reading “56,000,000 People Die Annually; a Minimal Percentage Die in Christ”

God Does Not Possess a, “You owe Me,” Mentality

A glorious truth from God for all spiritually born-again Christians and anyone desiring to become one: For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast Ephesians 2:8-9. In addition, a glorious truth in relation to this from a man of God: Quote: “Grace means pure, unrecompensed kindness and favor. What is done in grace is done graciously. God saves unmeriting sinners in unrelated, unrecompensed, unconditioned sovereign grace.” – Lewis Sperry Chafer. No born-again Christian overlooks the work of God’s grace in their salvation, but for numerous reasons God’s same work of grace can be overlooked beyond their salvation. Continue reading “God Does Not Possess a, “You owe Me,” Mentality”

God’s Hand of Restraint will Surely be Lifted from The Human Race!   

What might the heart attitude and behavior of the human race look like when God lifts His hand of restraint from it? Well, in this present time we’re getting a glimpse of what it might look like as we view such in the “Movements” Black Lives Matter and Antifa, especially those in the USA. Do we see in either of these groups, heart attitudes and behaviors expressing love, or joy or peace or patience or kindness or goodness or faithfulness or gentleness or self control? Clearly not! Anarchy and lawlessness are what we’re seeing. Nothing new here of course; the people of Europe saw plenty of this during the 1920’s to 1940’s, as have the peoples of Central and South America and elsewhere since that time. Continue reading “God’s Hand of Restraint will Surely be Lifted from The Human Race!   “

My God is Your God. My Bible is Your Bible.

When proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ to people, there has always been the odd one or two to firmly let me know they are not interested in knowing about, “your God” or “your Bible.” Amazingly, such has even been expressed by church affiliated people! Who, “their god ” might be, they are not able to tell me. “I believe in God,” they will say, but unless they believe the God of the Bible, they don’t believe in God at all! How can they? The First Commandment of God: I am the LORD your God…… You shall have no other gods before Me Exodus 20:1-2. This Commandment, plus His other nine, were given not to the Jews alone, but to the entire peoples of the world. It’s important every person understands that. Continue reading “My God is Your God. My Bible is Your Bible.”

Grand Differences between Spiritually Born-again Christians and Everybody Else

What are some grand differences between spiritually born-again Christians and everybody else? We can only touch the surface on this subject, but let’s have a look. Grand difference number 1: We have  different spiritual F/fathers. Our Father is God, the Father of Truth. Everybody else’s father is Satan, the father of lies John 8:44. Their father was once our father too! What brought about the change? We heard the gospel of Jesus Christ, the gospel of truth, and we responded to it. The moment we did so, the declaration from 2 Corinthians 5:17 was activated. Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.  Continue reading “Grand Differences between Spiritually Born-again Christians and Everybody Else”

Such is the Power of Mind Control!

The Internet meme read: “Wanna know how you can tell when the truth is being told? Facebook blocks it. Twitter deletes it. You Tube bans it.” True. How about mainstream media? They do all three! “Prove it,” somebody says. You can do that. Ask yourself why it is you don’t hear both sides of the, “man-made climate change” argument. Why is it you don’t hear both sides of the transgender or “born in the wrong body” argument? Take Hydroxychloroquine, the latest topic; why are we not hearing the opposing side’s view that this drug is a proven treatment for coronavirus? Why is that people holding a different view to that of the majority are smeared, blasted and branded with insults and put-downs? Continue reading “Such is the Power of Mind Control!”

Faulty Concepts of Holiness

Quote: “The purpose of pleasing God, is basic to the purpose of avoiding sin. I say that because some Christians perceive their whole Christian life in terms of avoiding sin. Whereas according to the New Testament avoiding sin is a big thing, even bigger is the practice of rejoicing and hoping and thanking and pleasing our God. Personal holiness is a very positive thing, in other words, and we shouldn’t be betrayed into thinking of it in negative terms – J. I. Packer. I like that! So much of what is traditionally thought of as holiness by Christians is not so when one lines it up with what the Bible teaches us about it. As a result, too many people’s concepts of personal holiness are more religious than they are real. Continue reading “Faulty Concepts of Holiness”

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