More Reality Revelations

“…..Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, and that He was buried, and that He rose again the third day….” 1 Corinthians 15:3-4

In his experience it was too political.

Not always smooth sailing out there

You’ll think I’m mad, everybody else does!

Guilt, Confusion, Fear, Anger

He said he’d missed death by inches many times in his life.

Different Gospel responses from all kinds of people.

I’ve got a lot of guilt you know.

No time for your Jesus or your Bible.

Deep sadness in their lives.

Who do you say I am?

You were sent by God today.

I’m beginning to find this out for myself

I’m having the most beautiful experience

The religious spirit.

I’ll do it my way!

Don’t talk to me about a loving God!

He spoke of his doubts in Christ’s forgiveness.

Tell me the difference between you both.

I’ve got lots of bitterness and unforgiveness.

Can you come next week?

I can tell you all about the Bible.

You need Jesus Christ

God at work again.

She always felt she was to blame.

Why do you always quote from the Bible?

I was testing your faith.

How can you speak for God?!

Any extreme possible.

A fragrance of death or life?

It’s just not fair!

Jesus couldn’t possibly exist.

Are my prayers helping her?

I asked him to name the one desire of his life.

What’s the matter with your eyes?

I’ve always remembered the advice mum gave me.

He’s never stayed that long speaking with anyone before.

I have to have time to make the choice.

I hope not.

I’m free. It’s wonderful!

Because I feel dirty.

Looking into the eyes.

Spirit to spirit

No rules attached.

You’ve opened my eyes today.

But they still have a god.

But they did not tell me that.

Just about everybody was an expert.

If words are powerful, how powerful are God’s?

But they did not believe God.

Prove it.

Ah yes, but the Bible………

What is the explanation?

The progressive order.

So did their actions.

There’s something shallow about them.

It was what he wanted.

The pathway.

Anything that didn’t cost.

It runs in the family.

Untested teachings and opinions. 

That’s rubbish!

Where did that come from?

I learned to be on the alert for, “But…..”

Chewed up and spat out.

How else does one describe a church-goer who….? 

God is not looking for good people.

The greatest loss of all.

It’s in the lap of the gods.

By way of gradualism.

Dramatic changes. Part 1.

Dramatic changes. Part 2.

We moved to where God was not. 

He was not the creator of his problem. 

I failed to study that word “free.”

Melbourne Christian Fellowship – Why I Left It. Part 1.

Melbourne Christian Fellowship – Why I Left It. Part 2.

Melbourne Christian Fellowship – Why I Left It. Part 3.

The Faithfulness Of God Has Never Ceased To Amaze Me.

The Lord Said, “No, one Program.”

The Reality Of Two Spiritual Kingdoms.

The Living and Powerful Word of the Lord in Action.

“Good Ideas” Rather Than God’s Ideas.

It Was As Though Superman Came Out Of The Sky. 

A Statement From Hell.

The Judgement of God?

A Man One Step from God. 

Manipulative Practices in The Church.

He said, “Don’t Seek the Approval of Man.”

It Was Not The Jesus Of The Bible.

Only Two Churches.

God Wants Our Being Before Our Doing.

He Was More Religious Than Real.

I Felt The Presence of The Lord Powerfully.

I Spoke To The Weather.

The TRUE One True Church.

Tell God.

What Makes Us Any Different From An Atheist?

Why Are The People Not Told This?

Lovers Of Lies.

The Spirit of Cultism Entices People.

God is Explicit, Particular and Definite in His Instructions To Us.

His Distaste For The Complicated and The Sophisticated.

Spiritual Cowards.

They Were Made God-dependant Not Man-dependant

They Are Upside Down Christians.

Free From The Pain Of Ostracism.

Tools & Slaves In The Hands Of The Angel Of Light.

The Greatest Fool Of All.

It’s As Though They’re Doing It Behind God’s Back.

Their Voids Are The Reality.

The Hardest Thing For People To Embrace Is……

To Have That Which I Can’t Have.

A Great Curse of Society

I Wanted To Know the Subtle Differences

But These Are Lovely People….

You Have A wrong spirit

Twice-A-Year Christians

UnScriptural Religious Traditions & Church Programs

The Natural Is Out The Supernatural Is In

His Total Love For The Total Man

Looking Good

The False & Unnatural

But Once It’s All Over It’s All Over

The Constant One-sided Story

Muddled & Confused

He Needs To Know We Know He Knows

What’s Missing from Christianity?

Taking Pot Shots At The Church

The Violation Of Universal Principles

Always Closer To The Lie Than To The Truth

Dumb & Ignorant Statements

Religious Nut-cases & Idiots

What An Astounding Reality!

Nothing More Than A Religious Figurehead

Praying For The Dead Is A Lie

The “I believe/we believe” Man

The Earth Is Not Going Anywhere

The Same Old Same Old

The Church Has A Few Lackeys

Zombies In The Pulpits – Zombies In The Pews

Satan’s Plaything

The Great Harm Done To God’s Reputation

Spiritual Paralysis

Just As If I Had Never Sinned

Satan’s Useful Idiot

Progressive Reality Equals Progressive Liberty

They All Have One Thing In Common Now

Will You Be Standing Or Falling?

The Nice People 

Misguided Love For Jesus – Misguided Fear Of God

The Need To Think And Evaluate Evidence

Different Label – Same Stuff In The Bottle!

God Kills Us Off … He Executes Us!

That’s The Problem With Our Problems

Somebody’s Spiritual Football

They Come To Meet Jesus But Meet Lazarus Instead

Self-god Is a Tyrant

Let’s See The Power!

When The Chips Are Down

He Had A Love For Lies They Had No Love For Truth 

The Broken Spokes of the Wheel and the Soul Salvation Single Barrel Shotgun

Divine Physical Healing

The Spirit of Intimidation

Truth And Belonging Will Go Hand In Hand

These Marxist-Leninist Puppets of Hatred & Persecution

Goal Number 27

The Destructive Power of Uncertainty

The Great Regret 

What is Satan Like?

How Do I know Satan Is Delusional?

The Do-gooders Are Seduced

The Fig-leaf Religionist

The Perpetrators of Lies & Evils

God’s Response Was Swift!

It Is Not Only Rome That Has Its Pope!

Religious but Godless 

Freemasonry Is An Offense To God!

They All Speak For Jesus … But Which Jesus?

God Said, “Humility, not ability.”

From The Poorhouse To The Whorehouse

The Need To Hear What We Don’t Want To Hear

You Can’t Get More Closed-minded Than That!

God Did Get It Right The First Time

Jesus is God, God is Jesus!

If There Were Such a Word as ‘Evilist’…..

There’s God-given Authority and there’s Boldness!

Romanism Is An Offence To God

God Likes Us That Should Be Enough

The Despised Experience

Self-righteousness Is Not Righteousness

Now That’s Power!

God Is Intolerant Of Your Tolerance

Who Is This Woman Claiming To Be The Blessed Virgin Mary?

A Lacking Ingredient in the Church

How’s That For Discrimination!

It Bowed To Jesus Big-time!

They Will Cower In Their Pulpits and Pews

The Beginning Has Begun!

Dump All From the Religious Spirit

Rapture and Revelation – ‘Welcome to the End Time’

Why Don’t “Believers” Become Believers?

They’ve Kicked Jesus to the Curb!

The “no such thing” Thing

So, What Price Freedom of Speech?

Master or Teacher – Which One Commands More Respect From You?

Disobedient Christians Who’ve Lost Their Authority In God

The Existence of Evil and the Reality of Satan 

The Spirit of Might not Mice

It Lacks a Man like Sir Winston Churchill

Five Reasons Why People Will Go Through The Great Tribulation 

That’s Why the “church” Is Not the Church

That’s Why Jesus Christ Is Savior!

God Never Speaks Like Satan But Satan Speaks Like God!

Jesus Can Deliver the Depraved From their Depravity

There’s No Other Road to Happiness and Fulfillment

This Make You Mad?

The Classical God

It’s God’s Way Not Your Way

These Three Lies

Will You Let Truth Bless You or Bite You?

Looters in Business Suits

Watch Out For Charlatans and Wolves

Who’s Building The House?

My Possession of the Mind of Christ

Who’s The Real Spiritual Rapist Here?

Feeling Restless and Joyless?

Are You Caving In To Satan’s Roar?

There Is A Church That Has Not Let Us Down

These Great Documents of the Christian Faith

Their Reactions Are the Witness That It’s Not

Amazing Grays, Amazing Grace – Book Review

God’s Last Resort Language

The “Jesus never said anything about it” Crowd

Uncountable Tyrants Rule the Day

Cowering Behind Skirts of Political Correctness

The Chief of All Sins

Churches That Have a High Rotation of Pastors

Clergymen Are Scratching Their Heads

It Was Not God Who Looked Silly

Each Flipped and Flopped Frequently

The Loveless Church

I Don’t Believe They Don’t Believe In God

That’s the Voice and Language of Satan

The Reprobate Mind

So Which Judgment for You?

Offended By the Name ‘Jesus’

A Half Gospel Equals No Gospel

Turning the Ashamed Into the Not Ashamed

All Servants of Satan Are Liars

The Key to Spiritual Vitality

The World Hates You

Those Who Confront the Authority of God

That’s God’s language! 

The Power

The Devil’s Darts

He Made Lots Of “sounds good, feels good” Statements

The Devil’s Own

People Who Only Want To Know a Little Bit about God

She’s not Anti-Islamic, She’s Pro-Jesus!

A Witness so Effective

Political Correctness Is the Bastard Child of isms

How Did It Get To This?

God’s Universal Absolutes

So What’s the Story With This Old Heretic and Fool?

This Grand Problem

The Arrogant Atheist

The Me Crowd

Near Death Experiences

Talker or Maker – Which One for You?

Dare To Sit Down and Face Reality

This Is No Time To Be Bounced Like Yo-Yo’s

The Crystal Clarity of Bible Scripture

Mouth-muzzled Wimps

Religious Creations

The Attack on Truth

Enemies of the Cross of Christ

God Jumps for Joy!

Starving For the Word of God

The Sole Source of Truth

Filled with Jesus

Religious, not Righteous

Expressing Contempt for the Bible

Driven by a Spirit of Wickedness

Be Absolutely Certain

Billy said, “Jesus said….”

Blasphemers of Truth

Only one Book

Satan’s Insiders – No Match for Jesus’ Insiders

Politicians, Leftist and Intellectual Chatterers

“I think” The god of Self-opinion

A Scoffer is a Mocker and a Mocker is a Scoffer

Satan’s Man

Wise and Holy Minds

It’s Your Badge of Honor

Jesus Came to Do Away with Religious Systems

Jailed For our Stand in Christ

The Christ-less Ones

The Ultimate Tragedy

Denying the Lord Who Bought Them

Eyes like a Flame of Fire

Satan’s Soldiers

Partial Quoting and Misquoting of Scripture

Smoldering Embers

Become a Delivery Boy; Become a Delivery Girl

Three Reasons why Liberty is Not Fully Expressed in Christians

This War is Spiritual in Nature

Haters of the Truth

Righteousness is The Key!

Mockers Attacking the Bible

Christians (so-called)

Their Nagging Conscience

Remember What We Were Like

God Has a Doomsday Clock Too

Think of the Lord as Reality

Limit Yourself to the Bible

Siding with Immorality

Keep Trampling!

Religious Child Abuse

Satan Goes to Church

Not Just a Jewish Peasant!

Hypocrites in the Church

God-sent Strong Delusion

Stop Getting Run Over by People who don’t Know God

We Who Have the Mind of Christ

Righteousness-conscious Christians

These Make-believe Outraged Hypocrites

Jesus Will See To It

So What’s the Idolatry?

God Doesn’t Bless Confusion or “Cleverness”

The Words of Eternal Life

Satan’s Lying Media

Children in Adult Bodies

“You asked, I answered!”

It Behoves Us All To Be Prepared

Satan’s Deceived Despots

Battle Won, Not the War!

So How Does One Get Converted?

Spiritually Asleep Christians

Misguided Religious People

This Brand of Media

A Discerning Church

Seeing the Sin in My Self-righteousness

They Tossed Away the Foundation

Hot for God but Feeling Dispirited?

Bring back the Fire and Brimstone Preachers!

That’s madness! That’s blindness! That’s confusion of heart!

False Concepts of God

Get Released from Hatred

The Book of Proverbs

If you’re in Christ you’re an Overcomer

Fear-filled Appeasers

Get Away from Religious Impostors

He believes he’s God’s Right-hand Man!

No Fear of God

Illegitimate Guilt

So Guess who’s Really Ruled by Fear?

Take a Long Hard Look

The Protestant Antichrist

The Word of God is Living and Powerful

This School Program is Satan-designed and Satan-energized!

The Clever People are not Clever at All!

If the Church Allowed God back In

Don’t Die a Lawless Rebel!

He Who Cares Nothing for Holiness

The Arresting Officer

Reject These 3 Lies of Satan!

Hatred for All Things Christian

Stick To the Plain-sense Meanings of Scripture

This Religious but Rebellious Reverend

Don’t let Satan Slap them Around!

The Spirit of Hatred is On the March

Prepare for Accelerated Persecution

Self-righteous Finger-pointers

Sin-hating godly People

My Strong Advice regarding this Prophecy

Invoking the Name of Jesus Christ in Prayer

Observable Evidence the Bible is God’s Inspired Word

Improper Bible Teaching

No wonder we’re Mocked and Ridiculed for our Beliefs

Get Real with God and He will Get Real with You

When Jehovah’s Witnesses Come Knocking

Be a Voice for God not an Echo

Profile of Politically Correct Tyrants

Holy Spirit Baptism

Religion is The Devil’s Masterpiece 

The Garden’s Serpent

Eleven Precious Words of Scripture

If It Were Not for the Bible

Dead Men Walking

The God-sent Moment of Truth

Limit God to the Bible and Discover the Unlimited God

So What was it Jesus Demonstrated?

Reverence and Respect for God is the Foundation of Wisdom

 When a Person Walks into a Church for the First Time  

Death by Suicide Grieves the Heart of God

Their Child-minded Foot Soldiers

Questioning the Value of Christian Survey Findings

Believe it! You’re only a Pawn in their Game

Stemming the Tide of Evil

Experience Release from Internal Lawlessness

This is reality Talk not Religious Talk

Despair and All its Meanings

Christ’s Spiritual Adversary

The Deceiving Religious Spirit

What happens When the Church Turns its Back on God?

The Evolutionary Humanism “values” List

What Happens when One ceases Running from Christ?

She was Plagued with Guilt

The “too simple” Gospel Message of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ THE Solution to Anxiety

Violating the 9th Commandment is Unwise

A Common Christian-speak Question

Blast “modern Christianity” back to the Pit of Hell

The Church has Silenced Itself! Time to Speak Up!

A New Creation for A New Creation

Ignorance, Arrogance and Apathy

God Has No Grandchildren

Warning to Church Sexual Predators

When Honor for Christ Decreases, Evil Increases

Feeding on a “Diet” of Scripture Bites

Holy and Christlike People

The Spiritually Black-hearted

The Spirit of Truth Warns Against Delusion and Falsehood

What is Happening to Our Freedoms?

How to Know if Your Reverend Speaks for Jesus

Characteristics of Christian Haters

Do You Possess a “Go from Me” Mentality?

Encouragement for New Christians

The Jesus Who Is

Righteousness follows Redemption, Worship follows Righteousness

Don’t Buy the Lie that Life lacks Purpose or Meaning

Walking Away From Christ

Golden Rule Adherents

The Law of the Jungle

Anything Less than a Three-fold Change is Penance not Repentance!

Take Christ Seriously and He will take You Seriously!

Only one God! Only one Savior!

No-God People, God is Love-based not Rules-based  

Insults and Put-downs

Pay Attention to Logic not Fear

Moral Goodness is Not Enough in The Eyes of God

The God of Hope vs The god of no hope

A Conditional Promise from Jesus

The Visitation of God

Power and Blessing, Victory and Spiritual Freshness

A Dress Rehearsal

The Coronavirus Chaos

Divine Accomplishment and Human Achievement

Don’t Unhitch the Old Testament from Your Faith

Be more Occupied With Jesus than For Jesus

Which Choice for You: the Bread Loaf or The Key?  

Faulty Concepts of Holiness

Such is the Power of Mind Control!

Grand Differences between Spiritually Born-again Christians and Everybody Else

My God is Your God. My Bible is Your Bible.

God’s Hand of Restraint will Surely be Lifted from The Human Race!   

God Does Not Possess a, “You owe Me,” Mentality

56,000,000 People Die Annually; a Minimal Percentage Die in Christ

Why the Need for 777 Books?

Is it True, UK Church of England Leadership?


Matthew 24:42-44
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