Is it True, UK Church of England Leadership?

 We read and hear of you considering the use of neuter-gender terminology towards the LORD God Almighty. If it is true and you proceed, you will demonstrate: 1. You have no fear of God. 2. You are under Satanic deception. 3. You have placed yourself under God’s curse. 

The Earth is Not going Anywhere

On Sunday June 5, an estimated 10,000 people here in Melbourne rallied as part of a national climate change campaign urging the federal government to set a carbon price.  And one of the newspapers carrying the story showed a picture of a young boy about twelve years old holding a green placard.  Written on the placard were the words, “The Earth Is …

Muddled & Confused

I typed the search term “end times” into Google the other day and it came back with a result of 5,250,000 over 79 pages. Whatever else those figures tell us, it shows that millions of people all over the world have some interest in this subject.  Next, I typed in the search term “end times prophecy” and it …

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