In his experience it was too political

He introduced himself as Jim when he answered my ring on his doorbell.  I explained that I was in his street today representing my local church, offering prayer for any personal or family needs.  Jim, perhaps in his mid-fifties, was surprised, telling me his local church didn’t do this and wondered why mine did.  I explained that we believed it was part of our calling, based on the command of the Lord Jesus Christ, who told the church to go and tell others what Christ had done for them.  He nodded his head.

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He Gets Angry And He Kicks ’em Out!

I knocked on the door of a family home in a middle-class suburb in Melbourne.  An elderly lady answered, I introduced myself and explained to her that I was from the local church and that the reason for my call was to offer prayer for any needs she or the family might have.  Continue reading “He Gets Angry And He Kicks ’em Out!”

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